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Pylon Ara is one of the most reputable and active Iranian companies in construction and mass building projects as well as personal projects such as residential apartments an VILLA, etc.


1.construction department

  • construction engineering organization Law Enforcement and civil projects Contract Manager
  • Industrial construction
  • Construction of multipurpose buildings
  • Build high-rise buildings
  • Construction luxury and modern villas
  • Construction government buildings
  • Construction of clinics, hospitals and health centers
  • Construction in Worn-out texture
  • Construction modern buildings
  • Construction concrete and steel and tunnel structures
  • stabilization urban cavity
    •Consolidation of Trenching and deep excavation
    •Excavation and soil improvement
    •implement all building items

2.Reconstruction and retrofitting department

  • Reconstruction of buildings and government centers
  • Modern interior design and reconstruction
  • Reconstruction of apartments and villas
  • Reconstruction of medical buildings
  • retrofitting using FBR fibers in concrete structures
  • Reinforcement with the injection of Epoxy to repair cracks
  • exchange Expansion joint of bridges
  • Reinforcement using viscous damper in seismic refinement
  • Repair concrete components using special concrete

3.Engineering Studies and Design department

  • Provide architectural and structural drawing
  • Quick assessment of building
  • retrofitting of buildings and bridges and so on
  • Preparation of electrical and mechanical equipments drawings
  • Designing trenches in different ways, such as nailing, microfiber, berlin and so on
  • Geotechnical Consultancy
  • Performing issuance of manufacturing licenses
  • Perform architectural designs
  • Studies on the most recent and most up-to-date construction technologies, such as Cubix, Yubut, Metallic, etc.

About us

Etminan contracting group was established in 1983 by Mr. Mohammad Khanloo to carrying out government civil engineering projects and Over the years, have been Honored to carry out several projects to help our country. This group was renamed to Pylon Ara in 2009 with a team of experienced engineers and experts.

Contact us

Address: Unit 407, No. 3, Zerang St., Ekhtriyarieh Square, Tehran, Iran

tell : 02126653660

fax : 02126653661

email : info@pylonara.com

postal code : 1959783518


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